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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Two new books on the photography business

Two New Books on the Photography Business

I've written two new books about the nature of the photography business. There are sort of a hybrid of goals, here. While they initially started as independent articles that analyzed the nature of the business, the initial intent was to be more contemplative and thoughtful about how the industry works as an independent observer/player. But, as with most research, the truth from the fiction began to evolve, and it was clear that the secrets to success weren't so clear and simple as most people who write such books (or who pontificate about the matter) lead you to believe. Indeed, much of the techniques that those sources often espouse may do you more harm than good. It's not that these people are wrong so much as they're just out of date. The industry has changed. That's where the second objective comes in: to extrapolate good lessons from that analysis and to determine how to go about establishing a sound business infrastructure for the photographer working in the digital era.

Since the evolution of digital photography and the ease of distribution over the internet, everyone's getting in it. With this heavy competition has also come opportunities, since there are also a lot more buyers as well. But the business isn't the same as it used to be. Old rules no long apply, and new the new ones are still being written. Navigating through this jungle can be overwhelming, but no matter who you are, the new lessons have to be learned. Whether you're just starting out, or an established photographer trying to compete more effectively in a changing market, these books provide an analytical, progressive approach to understanding and succeeding in the photography business in today's market.

More Information about these books, along with the ability to read them on my website, can be found here: http://www.danheller.com/photobiz-book.html


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