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Friday, March 16, 2007

General Announcements

This is just a general announcement posting about goings-on in my photo business:

My 4-day workshop on the business of photography (May 3-6) is nearly sold out.
Interested parties should see: http://www.danheller.com/workshop

The first of my two 13-day Travel Photography Workshops in Greece is sold out.
The second trip is only half full. It starts Sept 17. Information is here: http://www.wildernesstravel.com/itins/greekisl.html

My next book on Travel Photography has been announced by Lark Books.
However, it's still unknown when it'll be in stores. Please don't email me about it. Once I know, I'll post information about it. You can pre-order it on amazon.com, but I'll be selling it on my site sooner than amazon (or anyone else) gets theirs. (And I sell it for the same price they do, plus I provide Priority Mail shipping with no upcharge.) So, be patient. (I wish *I* could be!)