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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free seminar on model releases

For those living the in San Francisco Bay Area, you can come and hear me give a presentation on model releases, courtesy of the ASMP, on July 14. (It is purely a coincidence that this is also Bastille Day; please, no fireworks inside the building.)

Event details are here: http://www.asmpnorcal.org/drupal/?q=node/780

The event is free for ASMP members. Non-members: $10. I'm not getting paid for this--I'm donating my time. I will be selling my model release book, but again, I don't make money on it--I sell it for the same price I buy it from my publisher: $20. The advantage to buying it at the event is no sales tax (I'll eat it), and no shipping charges.

Oh, food is also free. It's good, and lots of it. In fact, if you're a starving photographer, you can come just for the food at 6. I will be there early to meet, greet and argue with.