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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Live Call-in Interview: Aut 30 @ 10am

I've been quiet for the past month due to my finishing up my latest book, "Model Releases: making the best business decisions with your photos of on people, places and things." It'll be published by Wiley, due out in March, 2008.

I wanted to take a time-out to let everyone know that they can listento and participate in a one-hour long interview with me on the radiothis Thursday, Aug 30, at 10am on NPR station KQED (88.5) A link to the program's info page is here:


You can call in at 866-733-6786 during the interview (around 10:15 and on).
You can also email questions/comments at forum@kqed.org (during the program
only--messages sent at other times, I'm told, won't be considered.)

The topic is "consumers in photography", with a particular focus on
the business of photography, though discussion will also include topics
such as social-networking and photo-sharing sites, photo education,
travel, and other related topics.

Although the program is on the radio, the show is also simulcast on
Sirius radio networks and some other NPR stations. In fact, it's the
second-largest call-in radio show on all of NPR. The local SF audience
is about 750,000 with an extended reach of several hundred thousand more
in the world beyond.

Dan Heller

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