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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm now more valuable than Tiger Woods

If my prior post (about my website being valued at $944K) hasn't made you puke with laughter yet, get ready for this:

tigerwoods.com is only worth $654,943.40. That's right, according to bizinformation.org, Tiger Woods' domain name is worth roughly a third of mine.

Good thing all those women from my past haven't come out and revealed our secret trysts.

On the other hand, such behaviors tend to help those of us in the arts. Hmmm.... maybe that's just what I need -- a little controversy to reveal my dark side. Or, in my case, I may actually have to get a dark side.

Sadly, I confess that I don't even have a simple "substance abuse" problem -- or, as they call it in my field, "performance enhancing drugs."

Hey, that's it! That's my controversy! I'm an artist that doesn't use drugs!
Let's see what happens to my site's valuation now! Mwahahaha...

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Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm worth $1M now

Someone forwarded me this link about the "value" of my website (danheller.com):


In short, the bizinformation.org says that my site is worth $944,079. They don't say how this value is determined, but one assumes that visitor traffic is somehow involved. If so, imagine how the value would change if their stats were more accurate. They estimate my traffic to be around 60K unique visitors a month, yet my web server logs show that, on average, I get just shy of a half million visitors a month. Their being off by 1 order of magnitude suggests that my site's value should be more like $10M.

I'm accepting offers. :-)

More seriously, this did prompt me to think about my site and terms that I never really talk about publicly. So, I'm going to produce a small series of posts (after this one) that discusses each of my various revenue streams in the context of 2009: a year in review, as it were. It turns out that last year, a great deal of long-past efforts started to materialize into actual revenue, so I thought I would report on them. Stay tuned.

That is, unless someone buys me out beforehand!